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In this book you will find:

From Near Bankruptcy to Real Success in Business and in Life

This is the entry point into the learning process. In this chapter I share with you how I discovered a method that allowed me to pursuit my life goals and create a multi-million business even though I have started from near bankruptcy.

Entrepreneurial Mind System

In this section I will share why I decided to teach others how to maximize human performance. I also explain what I learned in 4380 days of practicing the Method. I will describe the framework I created, Entrepreneurial Mind System, to accelerate performance.

The 8 Factors to Maximize Your Performance

in this chapter I explain the 8 key factors that, when maximized, will allow you to live in a state of Maximum Human Performance. I also developed a way to measure and track evolution in each of these factors. It has taken me 12 years to develop this system, I hope that it can shorten your personal success journey.

The 30-min Daily Training Routine

I will describe part of my daily training routine, the one I used at the time that I moved from near bankruptcy into real success in business and in life. This routine and the other elements here allowed me to feel an increase in vitality, in concentration and to have effective emotional management.

Meet the Author

Gustavo Oliveira, Gus, is the creator of the “Entrepreneurial Mind" course. Gus is an Engineer with a Masters in Marketing and a Teacher of the DeROSE Method. He is also a Board Member of the Global DeROSE Network and is a prolific entrepreneur running 4 businesses in Brazil and 1 business in New York, U.S. For the past 12 years Gustavo has specialized in two things: how to be a successful entrepreneur and how to teach others to do the same. His experience has taken him all over the world, he has lectured and taught thousands of students in New York, Paris, London, Lisbon, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Sao Paulo, Rio.

The Author and Methodology recently in the Media Around the World

What do people say about Gustavo?

Professional Athletes and Sportspeople

Luiz Carlos Guida  Professional Athlete - Brazil

Up to 2013 I had won 3 times the Brazilian Circuit of SUP Race. In early 2014, I went through a very difficult time in my personal life and this took a massive toll on my performance during competitions. In June 2014, I met Gus and his Human Performance work. The training allowed me regain my confidence, to manage my emotions and mainly to improve my focus. Within five months of training I was better than before which allowed me to become world vice-champion of Hawaiian Canoe Teams, and Brazilian Champion of the SUP Race Circuit again!

Entrepreneurs and Businesspersons

Luiz Furtado Managing Director and founder of Lifeaholics - Chile

In 2007 I had just left University and I was working for a large company in management.  I had direct contact with the top management and this allowed me to learn a lot. Yet, that kind of work failed to motivate me. I felt especially that the lack of freedom limited my future. At that time, I met Gus and his work. By 2009, I felt more energy and a sharper focus on owning my future, and so I took the step on becoming an entrepreneur. In 2013, with the help of Gus as my trainer and advisor, I bought a company in Chile. Since I took over the company, two and a half years ago, we grew 400%! Today I have achieved my freedom!

Entrepreneurs and Businesspersons

Maicon Casagrande  Owner and managing diretor of Ecole Rive Gauche – France

I first met Gus during an event in January 2012, he was invited to lecture at an event in Paris for the company I worked for. From that moment we decided to invite him at least once a year to run consulting with the company, the team and out students. In 2014 I took him up as a personal mentor and later in this year I was named Managing Director of the Ecole Rive Gauche in Paris. A year later, I was able to change, from working for to owning the company! Gus' consulting and mentoring are fundamental for me to be a better professional and help to grow my business!